This is my third shot at blogging in the last 2 years. The earlier two blogs were dead as soon as I started them since I had no vision, no idea about what direction to take the site in. This time I aim to do better.

I ll be filling this site with posts on topics related to technology or science(in general, though I may be partial to physics). Any weird thought or question that comes to mind or any  research I get into will eventually land up here as a post(s). A lot of times I have come online looking for answers to insignificant questions and have many a time had to spend an inordinate amount of effort to find them. Those ‘questions’ & ‘answers’ too will be prime candidates for posts in my blog.

I have over the last five years or so(though I tend to think it has been longer) developed a certain ‘taste’ for cinema. So much so that I might end up voicing my (strong) thoughts on the subject. These however I anticipate to be a lot lesser in number.

Welcome to (being) Comfortably Numb!

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