New Year Resolutions

Since it is the start of the year now, I guess a few resolutions are warranted. Here they come, in no particular order:

  • Understand at a fundamental level, not just application, the Fourier Series and Transform – this is something I’ve been wanting to figure out since I studied it as part of my engineering course. It interested me a lot but the constraints of a BE in an Indian University forced me to quickly go from learning by understanding to learning by rote.
  • Go through Thermodynamics – I have read a few articles/papers over the years which expounded the link between Information Theory, Computation and Thermodynamics. I would love to figure out this link.
  • Study Computability – this is specifically from the point of view of Turing machines and Godels Theorem.
  • Get better at App Development – Right now, I’m pretty good at looking at a piece of code or an application and figuring out how it works; which means I’m good at breaking things down. I’d like to get better at doing things the other way around – start with app design from the ground up. Directly linked to this is another aim, which is to get better at ABAP, Java, C#. Fundamental programming in C++ wouldn’t be too bad either.
  • Get back to shape – Since passing out of college and starting my career, I’ve not had any physical exercise. I’m losing stamina, body flexibility and gaining weight. 2011 for me has to be the year when I get back into shape. Of all the points listed here, this is perhaps of most importance.
  • Keep this blog alive – This could prove to be the toughest one. 🙂

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