My Kindle 3 – on its way..

I consider myself to be an avid book reader and have amassed a reasonably large collection of paperbacks over the last several years. While I love my books and take freakish care of them, they become a bit of a problem.

They take up a lot of space at home. Every time I move houses transporting these books is a pain. Also, because of the nature of my work I need to travel a bit more than the average Indian. For each trip I usually, on average, lug around 2-3 paperbacks with me. Worst of all, some of my older books have started to show their age, with yellowing pages and some others which are older still are literally falling apart.

An ebook reader is the perfect solution for me. It can store thousands of books, I can take my entire collection everywhere I go and best of all any books that I buy over an online bookstore would be ‘permanent’!

Till recently, ebook readers had been prohibitively expensive in India costing around the Rs 20,000 mark, which held me back. This week, however, the urge to splurge on an ebook reader was stronger than ever! I got researching online and found that the Kindle 3(which is by the way, best in class) has an international version available for delivery in India. The price for Amazon to drop it to my home was marginally over Rs. 9000. Perfect! I have to say though that this cost includes an atrocious Rs. 2200  as import duty. I went ahead and ordered one today.

Amazon promises to have it delivered to me between the 15th & 17th of February – thats fast! Will post an update once I have it in my hands next week!

One a side note – I’m very keen on seeing how well the Kindle’s e-ink screen compares against regular printed paper. Probably a review would be in order!

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