After reading, for the umpteenth time, Feynmans lecture on Special Relativity(Chapter 15, The Feynman Lectures on Physics) I’ve been bitten by the relativity bug.

The theory is amazingly interesting. Each time this topic comes up, either in discussion(which goes on forever with friends) or in reading, I end up thinking about the theory till long after and usually end up confusing myself. I ve tried on many a occasion to grasp it in an intuitive way, avoiding all the math. But the ‘understanding’ stayed on only for a few weeks, after which it simply slipped away. There are too many ways one can go wrong in understanding relativity – identifying the correct reference frames, not getting confused by the multitude of fallacies etc.

To remedy that, this time I’ve resolved to wrap my head around all of its mathematical details. I’ve gone ahead and invested in a book ‘The Mathematics of Relativity for the Rest of Us’ by Dr. Louis Jagerman to help me grasp the theory. I’ve tried once with Feynmans Lectures but, found it to be a little lacking in mathematical rigor. Nevertheless it offers a wonderful introduction, better than most articles online, to Einstein’s theory for the layman.

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