This weekend, me and some of my friends went on a completely unplanned trip to Coorg. Coorg is a small town, nestled on the fringes of the Western Ghats in the southern half of India. Around 250 km from Bangalore, its location is ideal for a quick getaway from the capital city. Most of the year around, the weather in Coorg is fantastic with temperatures hovering around 25-27 C. Humidity becomes an issue just before the onset of the monsoons, but after the first few showers it becomes very comfortable and the whole town takes on a new fresh green look.

This was a trip which involved no prior research on travel routes, places to visit etc. Sometimes, excursions like this turn out to be quite adventurous. This one though did not make the cut in the adventure department – we did’nt get lost anywhere, there were hotels and lodges abound in Coorg(Kushalnagar really) and since this is pre-monsoon season, we did’nt get to do any white water rafting. Still, it was a heck of a lot of fun.

Coorg is avery beautiful place, with a lot of greenery and cool moderate weather. The last few days, the town had seen some intermittent showers, and the forests and coffee estates in Madikeri looked fresh.

This is not a travelogue and we didn’t visit too many places there. So there wont be any recommendations on places/resorts to stay at(though if I do go there again, I plan to stay at Amanvana which looked simply breathtaking) and all the ‘spots’ to visit. I ll let some pics I snapped during the trip to do all the talking.

We had wonderful weather on the onward journey with very blue skies and great cumulus clouds. Made for some picturesque views:

The Golden Temple at Kushalnagar is a must see place. It is a small tibetan settlement with a grand monastery and a prayer hall. Very quiet(aside from noisy tourists) and serene place:

Close to Kushalnagar is Madikeri, which boasts some vast coffee estates and a few waterfalls. Unfortunately, none of the coffee estates have any tours and neither are any of the coffee factories open for tourists. The waterfall most visited here is the Abbey Falls.

The drive to Madikeri from Kushalnagar is also very scenic. You drive on winding roads, through coffee estates with a strong aroma of pepper and different spices(or maybe thats just the smell of the first monsoon rain). Its great.

The last place we visited was an inn called Dubarei Inn. It is located near Talakaveri(the origin/source of the river Kaveri), about 12-13 km from the highway. At Dubarei, you have facilities for river rafting. With the monsoons yet to arrive, the river here is too mellow for this to be called rafting, but it was fun nonetheless. In the months between June-September, the river has higher water levels than now and has stronger currents. For white water rafters looking for good spots in south India, this is a must visit during the peak season.

We touched very few areas in Coorg. And we went there in the wrong time of the year. Ideally you should visit Coorg just after the monsoons have receded to enjoy it most. Instead of staying in a lodge or hotel, you should look for home-stay options or book in a full blown resort with a cottage to yourself. There are several home-stay options, ranging from those located on the main road to those which are located in the middle of nowhere and in the wilderness. Most also have online portals so that you can book them well in advance. Plan well and enjoy the natural beauty of Coorg!

P.S – For the more religious and god-fearing people out there, there are a whole bunch of temples all over Coorg, but we didn’t visit either – none of us is the least religious. So, pilgrims need not shy away from here.

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