My new camera!

I ve always been a hobbyist photographer. So far I have had to make do with simple point-and-shoot cameras(both film and digital) or with phone cameras(first my ASUS P565 and now my Galaxy S) which don’t offer much in terms of options and fidelity.

Today I went ahead and bought a beginners D-SLR, a Nikon D3100. It features an APS-C sensor which can take pictures up-to 14.2MP, has shutter speeds that you can vary from 30s(!!) down to 1/4000s and comes along with a decent 18-55mm lens kit.

You can check out more detailed specs here. I made my buy at a nearby Hypercity store and had to pay Rs 32,700 for the camera along with an 8GB SD-HC card(the camera came with a 4GB one and I plan to shoot in RAW only).

I ll be going on a small trip next week to Kerala, so expect some great pics on this blog soon!

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