A brand new Volkswagen Vento!

On paper, its a significant step up from the old Esteem we used to zip around town in almost all departments – comfort, power, smoothness and drive. A quick spin around the block confirmed all of this. It will take me little while to get used to it though – it revs a lot higher than the Esteem, so gear changes were not optimal today.Also, the drivers seat is positioned quite differently in relation to the steering wheel(in its highest position, it is still a bit low), which means that each time I took a turn, the steering wheel brushed against my knee.

That is a minor quibble though. The engine is very quiet. Waiting for signals, with the engine idling I sometimes thought the car had turned off – its that quiet! The ride is amazingly smooth, mainly because theĀ suspension is good enough to absorb most of the frequent jittery bumps you have on almost all roads in Mumbai.

This car is going to be my mate on road trips now.I cant wait to take it on a long drive over a weekend sometime soon!

My new ride!

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