Marina Beach

I had to come Chennai last week to work with a customer. Unfortunately my stay here will extend on to mid next week. Today, which happens to be a Sunday, me and a friend went over to Marina Beach to spend an evening in leisure, simply roaming about, enjoying the sea and breeze. These pics were all taken there.

I find photographing waves very interesting and hence most of the pics below are of just that..

I just love the way the damp sand glistens while the water recedes back into the sea. Also notice the way the receding waves sparkle in the sunlight. Its not something I’ve observed in other beaches.

As evening set in, the waves got stronger and came in further into the beach.

I was surprised to find that Marina beach has a healthy number of people flying kites. After spending some time there, I realized that it is in fact a good business here. Hawkers walk around with kites already in the air and sell them to kids. This saves the buyer from the task of getting the kite in the air in the first place, which as I understand, is the hardest part of flying kites.

The sea is ever inspiring..

We found a beautiful sea shell too. Something of a rarity on Indian beaches, which are always full of people combing through the sand for shells.

And as you would expect on any Indian beach full of tourists, you have a myriad of hawkers aiming to sell their wares to different target-groups – mostly kids.

Roasted bhutta! A perennial favorite..

And, finally yours truly.. Trying hard not to close my eyes while striking a pose staring straight into the sun!

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