Mango is out!

Yesterday Microsoft officially announced the global roll-out of Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango. Wonderful news.

The only question now is, when do they roll Mango out in India? I know there are a few customers in India who took the plunge with the HD7 earlier this year. After a lot of waiting and then through a few hacks, they are now on NoDo, since it was never officially released here. I hope the wait this time this time around is going to be a lot shorter.

In fact, things look more positive this time right from the outset. India is listed among the countries which are on Microsofts radar to release their latest and greatest to:

An even more heartening sign is that the India specific page for Windows Phone has been updated to reflect Mango! The only dampener here is the ominous ‘Coming Soon’ link at the bottom left, which doesn’t lead to any concrete date.

Still, its far better than what it used to be a few weeks back – this page actually mocked its Indian customers by still showing ads for Windows Mobile 6.5!

This might actually, turn out to be a blessing in disguise – Apple has just announced an iPhone themed event and it will be great for consumers to get an opportunity to weigh out both the iPhone 5(or iPhone4s) and new WP7.5 hardware against each other before making an expensive buy. Apples versus mangoes if you like!

So for the time being, we all in India, will have to continue drooling over all the screen-shots, videos and reviews that will flood the internet over the next few weeks.

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