These are a few snaps from my Shanghai trip last week. WordPress doesn’t seem to allow multiple galleries in a single post, so this will be a long one.

We stayed a stones throw from Nanjing Street which is amongst the prime market areas in Shanghai. A lot of neon advertising and beautiful lighting in the night.

On most days last week, the weather was quite bleak and overcast, but we got lucky one weekend with a lot of sunlight and cloudless blue skies.

Most of the greenery you see below is in a park near the shopping area of Fuyou.

Some buildings caught my eye while roaming about the city streets. The first one because of the rock-face to one side of it; the second and third ones are simply beautiful and the last one I’m quite proud of because of the way the photograph turned out despite the low light.

Fuyou is local marketplace around the center of the city which features more ‘traditional’ looking buildings. The place to go to if you want to buy touristy stuff and souvenirs.

We also dropped by Buddha Temple; like you would expect in temple-turned-tourist spot, money fleecing is the order of the day with ‘guided’ tours that strategically end up in overpriced souvenir shops.

The chinese have a thing for stone lions. You ll find them throughout the city at every other corner.

The Bund is another tourist attraction in Shanghai, quite like Marine Drive in Mumbai. It is a small stretch of the banks of the river Huangpu. Once nightfall sets in, the Bund is a beautiful place – a must visit place. Keep an eye out for the way the night sky appears in the long exposure pics, I suspect its because of the heavy artificial lighting in the city below. I especially liked the way the streetlights turned out in the pics, starlights! I ll let the photographs speak for themselves.

The Oriental Pearl, looking as majestic as ever.

The Yuyuan Garden is located in the heart of the city – right next to the markets around Fuyou. The garden has high wall around them, so you could walk right by them and never notice them(which we did once by the way). The garden is a Chinese style garden which basically means it was designed as a royal retreat for a king sometime in the 16th century. Unlike most other gardens, this one has little open spaces; every nook and cranny is used to grow bushes or is decorated by small jade rocks or is landscaped with small pools with goldfish and catfish in them.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, the 8th largest underwater aquarium in the world. Unfortunately, the lighting inside was very low, not enough for me keep the camera(or for that matter the subject) steady enough to shoot clear pics. Still, a worthwhile experience. The jellyfish were especially beautiful.

Some more pics I took around the city at night while searching an Indian restaurant. Shanghai at night reminds me a lot of Blade Runner – must be the heavy lighting around the city.

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