Films to watch out for this year

2012 looks like its going to be a great year for movies. I don’t remember any other year which held so much promise for film aficionados. Great directors helping great franchises. Here is a rundown of movies I look forward to most, in no particular order(though I’m a bit partial to number 4).

  1. The Dark Knight Rises – The final episode of the Batman saga. Nolan kickstarted the Batman franchise which was falling in the wayside with some campy productions with Batman Begins. Then he went on to redefine the superhero movie genre with The Dark Knight. Nolan now returns to finish the trilogy. Although my expectations have fallen down slightly ever since I found out Catwoman features in it, the trailers look good. Nolan is a magician and I hope this one doesn’t disappoint.
  2. PrometheusAlien(and Aliens) is arguably the best monster-thriller movie of all time. Prometheus is a prequel to it. And its directed by Ridley Scott, who also directed the original which pretty much ensures that it is not another movie to cash in on the Alien brand. Most of the production and story is being kept under wraps so we know little of how the story will play out – which makes it all the more enticing.
  3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I know this one has already been released, but its yet to hit Indian theaters. It has been praised by all critics alike for not simply following in the footsteps of the Swedish original but instead reinterpreting the source material(Steig Larssons novel by the same name, which is a very good mystery/thriller). I found Noomi Rapaces’ work in the Swedish title to be excellent, but Rooney Mara has supposedly bettered the formers effort. Must see!
  4. Midnights Children – The book this movie is based on is my all-time favorite novel. Deepa Mehta is a director of considerable repute and with Rushdie as the script-writer the movie is sure to either expand on the novel or at least stay true to it. The film also boasts an ensemble cast of truly great actors including Shabana Azmi, Rahul Bose and Anupam Kher to name a few.
  5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – The Lord of the Rings trilogy redefined the fantasy movie genre. Now Peter Jackson returns to tell the tale of Bilbo, Gollum, Smaug and the One Ring. Although the source material by Tolkien, The Hobbit, is far more upbeat than Lord of the Rings and might have led to a campy comedy movie in the hands of a less capable director, Jackson is sure to do justice to the book and story.
  6. Django Unchained – This is the movie on this list which I know the least about. Still the prospect of Tarantino directing Leonardo DiCaprio is exciting enough to pull me into a theater to watch this one. Excellent talent, both behind and in front of the camera.

Did I miss out anything that I should keep an eye out for this year?

3 thoughts on “Films to watch out for this year

  1. I’m looking forward to no.5 The Hobbit. I’m reading the Hobbit to my kids for the first time. I read Lord of the Rings many years back… And it’s one of my most favourite novels; a thoroughly absorbing and beautifully crafted fantasy. Great synopsis for each film in your blog and the IMdb links in the blog are very useful.

    • Hi there,

      Glad you liked the post.

      The Hobbit is a wonderful book, I’m sure your kids are enjoying the story-telling. I especially liked the riddles contest between bilbo and gollum, perhaps because of its immediate link to tolkiens masterpiece.
      I plan to re-read it in time for the movie. Jackson is sure to expand on the tale and flesh out the characters.


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