Nippun Amayruss – A new band on the horizon

At the onset, I must confess that I know very little about the way the music industry works.

I imagine it is a tough place for new-comers to make and leave a mark – established names tend to make the news and eclipse talented entrants.It requires patience, talent, enough financial backing to fill many greedy pockets and more.

In such a dog-eat-dog world, a friend and colleague – Nippun Bhatia – hit a major milestone. A few days back he released a professional-grade video of his single ‘Aaja Re Aaja’. This single boasts his lyrics, composition and his voice. Having to slog it out over his passion all by himself it took over a year before the video culminated and hit YouTube. And, its among my favorites – great voice, music and an interesting video.

The fact that he has the song and the video available freely speaks volumes about his passion for his work. He tells me a lot of newcomers in the industry end up signing away their work to more established names to earn a living. He recently launched his own website –Nippun Amayruss – which he promises to update frequently regarding his work(he has a few more singles in the pipeline). Do check out both and encourage him if his work impresses you.

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