Learn Objective-C in 24 Days

I’m trying to pickup iOS programming a bit more seriously than my previous half-hearted attempts. While searching for good, step by step tutorials/guides to approach the subject, I stumbled upon this blog which seemed approachable. So this reblog is a bookmark of sorts, linking the index to the series of 46 ‘lessons’.

Programming for iOS

Yep, that title says 24 DAYS, not hours. You can’t learn a programming language in 24 hours. Publishers say you can, but that’s just for marketing purposes. To really get to learn a language, to the point where you don’t have to look back through the book every other line, takes time. It takes time to do the exercises. It takes time to formulate questions, and answer them for yourself (although I’ll be glad to answer any to the best of my ability).It takes time to let the language sink in.

I’m starting a series that will attempt to teach the Objective-C language. As Kochan did in his book (see my Resources page), I will attempt to teach plain C and Obj-C as one language. I don’t know how long it’ll take to complete—we’ll see. I want to do a solid job of teaching the language though. This post…

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2 thoughts on “Learn Objective-C in 24 Days

    • Hi,

      About a year ago, i used to carry around an Android phone. I had then tried to pick up Android development, but had a pretty hard time setting up the SDK on both, the mac and a PC.
      I think I managed get it working on my mac but by then the initial enthusiasm had worn itself off.

      Perhaps I ll try again sometime in the future..


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