Casual Photography

In recent times with phone cameras have become more and more capable. This trend started with the iPhone 3GS, and really took off with the iPhone 4. Soon, even Android phones started to get released with respectable cameras. Nowadays with the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 you have phone cameras which are capable of rivaling several point and shoot cameras. If you look a little ahead in the future, there are phones coming out which will easily trounce most point and shoots.

This has led to  a sudden surge in interest in casual photography; a myriad of image capture and sharing services like Instagram, Hipstamatic, Pixlromatic, Squaready, EyeEm and others will attest to this.  These services primarily focus on taking funky pics, applying filter effects and uploading them online to be shared for the world to see. For me the most interesting aspect of these services is the filter.  For instance Instagram, which I use, has a range of filters like Lomo, Polaroid and Vintage among others which give the most mundane and ordinary images a surreal quality. Check out these samples.

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While being low fidelity and offering almost no control over the final result, this kind of photography has its own charm. The best part to me is that it makes photography, in a very basic form approachable will definitely help push some of the more interested casual photographers into serious photography, which is great.

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