Tychs in Lightroom

After recently having read Jonathan Flemings posts on tychs in Photoshop CS5, here and here, I tried to experiment with them in Lightroom. Though I couldn’t find any extension similar to Tych Panel for Lightroom, some enterprising people have found other techniques to generate tychs(is it even a word?!) in it.

It can get quite difficult to end up with an elegant and good looking tych – you need to have the right mix of photographs, choose individual photographs carefully so that the overall composition of the tych is pleasing to the eye. These are a modest first attempt.

An advantage with tychs is that you can use photographs of relatively lower quality. All the pics I used here were taken with an iPhone 4S and at full resolution show rather high noise due to poor lighting conditions at dawn; but they don’t show up in the final tych.

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