Amazing Customer Reviews

A friend surfing Amazon for gifts pointed this out to me. Check out this – Omas Limited Edition Phoenix Plated Fountain Pen. It’s hilarious! The pen is pricey, but the customer reviews are priceless!

Jax says:

I think I made the right decision by purchasing her this pen. I haven’t given it to her yet, but I’ll surprise her on our honeymoon. Granted, we’ll have to live with my parents for a few years, but I think she’ll enjoy that. She is such a lucky lady

Omar speaks from experience when he says:

I was driving my Yugo and was stopped at a light. A Lamgbo pulls up on my left with a hot chick in the passenger seat. The hottest chick I ever seen in my life. At first she was not paying me no mind but when she saw this pen in my shirt pocket she jumped out the Lambo completly naked, and told that guy driving the Lambo they were done. She jumped into my Yugo and we been together ever since.

For Com, this pen was like manna from heaven:

Literary ideas came infrequently and writer’s block curtailed my earnest efforts. I was worn to a sigh and lamenting, my literary aspirations in turmoil, my hope crumbling to ashes. Then lo, the Omas Limited Edition Phoenix appeared on my screen, suggested by Amazon based on my recent purchases. I knew at once that the dawn had arrived after the dark night, that the buds of spring would soon blossom after the cold and barren winter.

Immortally Yours, takes the cake. This guy(or gal) weaves a brilliant story! Am quoting just a small bit of it, be sure to go through the whole thing:

During my last stretch of mass signatures required by my work, I noticed a slight tingling throughout my fingers and extending to my hand. After a few days of usage my writing hand felt…. well… stronger, more viverant.

I didn’t think much of this, but after around a week of usage I also noticed the natural blemishes and wrinkles my hand had were disappearing.

In all, the pen got 39 reviews so far, each better than the last. A common sore point for all reviews is the shipping and handling cost of $5, which is a complete rip-off!

Seriously though, one has to question the wisdom – both Amazons and Omas’ – for putting this kind of product up for sale on an online store. Surely, the target audience will be driving up to an exclusive store in their Rolls-Royce to make this buy. Besides giving all involved a rotflmao experience, what other purpose does it serve.

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