Atlantic City

Atlantic City was described to me as the Las Vegas of the East Coast. Naturally, I visited the place expecting good crowds and some buzz or at least a ‘happening’ vibe. Unfortunately it disappointed on all these fronts. The casinos looked and sounded empty, with several unoccupied slot machines and little ambient noise. To be clear, its a nice place to hang out with friends and stroll on the boardwalk and the beach, but its not as active a city as its made out to be. Perhaps I didnt time my visit too well?

Another downer during the visit was my camera. Once the sun started to make its way down and the shadows became longer, I needed my camera most – low light situations and glitzy night-lights make for some very interesting photography – its battery gave up. My iPhone camera was pretty useless for the task too, so almost all the photos here are from when the sunlight was still very good. Nevertheless, here we go.

The Atlantic City Expressway which connects Philadelphia to Atlantic City is a fantastic road. Dead straight for miles and shouldered on either side by lush green woods, under blue skies it is very picturesque.

Since Atlantic City is full of casinos, most buildings have nice catchy designs and interesting architecture. They range across the entire spectrum – from the classy and modern…

…to the colourful & elaborate…

…to the stately and staid…

…to downright cheesy.

On a completely different note, remember the seagulls from Finding Nemo? Here is a refresher:

The boardwalk is full of these ruffians and they are just as noisy. Several eateries have put up warning boards, to mind your food from the sea gulls; they are quite a handful. Here they look gentle and docile enough.

It is when they sense an opportunity to rob an innocent bystander of their food that they start looking villainous. Look at this one stalking one such potential victim.

When someone does drop their food, a feeding frenzy ensues.

Finally a few freebie pics.

2 thoughts on “Atlantic City

  1. That was fun.. Especially the bit about the gulls… You have summed up the place perfectly.. I must say the pics have come out beautifully though.. I particularly liked the one wherein we get to see the reflection of the blue sky on the glass structure..

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