Ocean City

I visited Ocean City in Maryland last weekend. After the disappointingly empty beach at Atlantic City, this one was refreshingly full of activity. Its a fun place to visit over a weekend with friends to relax and take a break.

These pics below were all taken there; its quite obvious that I was partial to the brilliant skies and night lights.

If you look closely, you can follow the string tying the kite to the pier.

It’s almost like the sky is mirroring the sea with clouds rolling like waves.

Some beach volleyball action.

The next two were taken immediately after sunset – the sky looks ablaze. Beautiful play of colours.

There was an amusement park too, which was connected to a pier extending a few hundred yards into the ocean.

This is the same park, as it looks from the pier.

These are pics of the beach and the lights from the pier. The pier shakes slightly due to the waves crashing into it. Nevertheless, these came out quite well – especially the second one. The last one is a shot of the night sky; it was taken with a very long exposure time which led to the lights from the amusement park bleeding into the pic from the right.

4 thoughts on “Ocean City

  1. You no longer are an amateur photographer!! All the pics are great… :-)… One request – kindly include some pics of human life (ie you) enjoying a day at the beach! :p

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