In Oregon

I took these pics while in Oregon on an extended weekend break. Its gonna be a rather long post.

These two are from around Hillsboro while just driving around.

These are on the way from Hillsboro to Trillium Lake.

Here’s the lake. It is fantastically beautiful; the low wafting clouds are a sight.
 In clearer weather you’d be greeted with a great view of Mt. Hood.

This is a slightly better composed shot than the previous one.

Some more from around the lake.

This next set is of the Multnomah Falls; I’m told it has much more water in another season.

Some pics from around the small town of Cannon Beach.

The namesake beach here at the town was very windy when we went there. The last two have been slightly tweaked to increase the contrast and highlight the blowing sand trails.
 Due to the weather, and the fact that we were on a very tight schedule, we missed Haystack Rock, which you can see far in the background in the pic below.

The Pittock Mansion is located on a small hillock on the west end of Portland which offers a panoramic view of the city. In better weather and light, you can see Mt. Hood towering over the other of the city.

Finally, an obligatory low light shot of the North Steel Bridge over the Willamette River.

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