A Shutterbugs Thanksgiving

I spent the whole of Thanksgiving week on an extended break involving a lot of travelling, photography and fun – posting a few of the better pics I managed to capture.

This first one is from a freeway that goes along San Diego airport. With a little time and patience, one can get some great shots of planes landing on the runway. I was unfortunately in a moving car.

These next few are from Coronado Beach, Point Loma and a sunset point near it. The silhouette of a shutterbug friend came out picture perfect(the fourth one down).

We drove from San Diego to Las Vegas and then on to the Grand Canyon. Barren landscapes have their own brand of beauty. Miles and miles of empty roads add to the effect.

On to the Grand Canyon – seeing it one realises how overwhelming it is in its vastness and surreal beauty. The colours on display at dusk cannot be missed – the red sandstone contrasting with the purple haze are a treat to the eyes.

This one was shot around near midnight – the canyon under the stars is just as wondrous a sight as it is during the day…if not better.

Thanksgiving 2012-112

This final set of pics are of the Hoover Dam and the Mike O’Callaghan Bridge. Both are engineering marvels which invoke admiration in their own way – the dam is a huge immovable object with unabashed proportions while the bridge contrasts it with its litheness and apparent simplicity of construction.

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