Intial thoughts on the iPhone 5C

Why does everyone think that the iPhone 5C will sell more? Several tech writers out there are enthusiastically predicting the iPhone 5C to be a huge success, without really giving a good reason for it:

iPhone 5C will sell more 5S models than the iPhone 5 ever would have

Thoughts and Observations on Today’s iPhone 5C and 5S Introduction

Yesterday’s iPhones

I don’t see the 5C working miracles in sales, in fact I expect that the total number of iPhones(5S and 5C) sold to be in the same ballpark as iPhone 5 sales(of course factoring in the higher sales during holiday season) purely because of the Apple/iPhone brand momentum.

Among several reasons for the iPhones phenomenal success, one is that it bucked the trend among office goers who forced the iPhone on the enterprise instead of having the enterprise push Blackberrys on them. Up until now, the iPhone has always been an elegant device – no brash colours, beautiful curves – a wonderfully personal device which never looked out of place in a corporate setting. The iPhone 5C comes in at the same price point as the iPhone 5 but is, in my opinion, completely unsuited looks-wise for work (iOS 7s pastel colors don’t help here either). It will definitely lose a bunch of such potential customers; whether it will offset them by a new customer base is the question – I don’t think so because of its high cost.

Wanna take this to work?

Wanna take this to work?

Another reason I expect the 5C to stumble is that in several developing markets, where phones are almost always sold off contract, the cost is just way too high. A buyer who could’ve bought the iPhone 5 a few months ago now gets the ‘unapologetically plastic’ 5C or has to shell out substantially more to get an iPhone 5S.

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