Murud was our destination of choice to relax and unwind this last long-weekend. A short drive to the south of Mumbai, Murud is a small beach town which still has a few pristine, idyllic beaches.


The water is very calm, with gentle shallow waves

The beaches here are very wide and plain, great for strolls

The beaches here are very wide and plain, great for strolls


At nearby Kashid Beach, you can lounge on hammocks in the shade


While some parts of Kashid Beach are teeming with people…


…there are several secluded spots to relax in


Sunsets on a calm sea are very picturesque

The sand in Murud beach is very fine and clayey, due to which it is rather tightly packed. The waves create some very beautiful patterns along the beach.



Criss-cross lines up close…


…reveal stripes when you step back


More stripes, darker in some areas


Here the stripes are tighter, giving the beach a ribbed appearance


A closer look


The patterns go for as long as the eye can see

With few people visiting, there are a lot of seashells, starfish and clams that end up on the beach after a high tide.



Here you can see a starfish in the pool of water and a clam on the rock


A turritella shell


A whole mass of shells and beautiful rocks at Kashid beach

During our vacation, the town of Murud celebrated Dussehra. I don’t know why religious celebration is used as a license to spoil and dirty nature. It marred an otherwise fine weekend. I hope people get more sense.

Sacred cows loitering on the beach the morning after Dussehra

Holy cows lazing on the beach the morning after Dussehra, look at the filth around them

All the garlands found their way to the beach

Garlands and other puja material found their way to the beach




Dussehra being done, who needs a Goddess?

3 thoughts on “Murud

  1. Adu… Enjoyed the pics and writeup on murud beach…the last picture of the goddess lying uncared for on the beach is very poignant.

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