Diveagar & Harihareshwar

Diveagar is another one of the many beaches in Maharashtra, located just 20km to the south of Murud, about 200km from Mumbai. Just like in Murud, the sand in Diveagar beach is very fine and tightly packed which tends to form beautiful curves and patterns with the waves. For some reason, Diveagar doesn’t attract as many tourists as Murud – which is a good thing – so the beach is clean, empty and instead of being packed with hotels, you have old rustic houses for staying overnight.

Perfect for an early morning stroll…

With the sun yet to rise too high, a haze fills the air

Waves in the sand that mirror the sea

Rippling like sinews

Like the dentacles of a shark

Like the denticles of a shark

Just like Murud, the beach is peppered with starfish

A lot of ospreys flock in the trees lining the beach

A low tide exposes an entire population of snails, easy pickings for the gulls


Harihareshwar is a small town about 40km south of Diveagar. Despite being famous for a temple, which attracts pilgrims in droves, I was arrested by some interesting rock formations along the beach. Its almost as though bubbling lava coooled too quickly leaving the rock spongelike. Unfortunately like most such places in India, information about the formations is hard to come by – one can sit and only wonder how they came about.

Harihareshwar Beach, next to a temple it is quite unclean

Behind the temple, the way down to some interesting rock formations

So sponge like

This rocky platform you see people on, goes on for a considerable distance around the grassy hill

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