Peace in a noisy city

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, always has some activity or another going on everyday. And all this activity makes for a very noisy place. Be it honking road traffic, building construction workers beating away with their jackhammers……the list is endless. Frankly, the city is an infinitely powerful noise generator and one that gets noisier by the day.

This holds true every single day of the year – through weekdays, weekends, festivals, nationally significant days – the noises don’t abate. Holidays are the worst! On festival days, usually it starts a few days before, all temples blare out chants on loudspeakers in an attempt to spread the word of God. On Independence/Republic Day, various schools, housing societies play the Anthem, other nationalistic songs on loudspeakers – patriotism must be hammered in into the citizenry after all. On a national holiday of lesser significance, local political honchos exercise their mediocre oratory skills…again blaring full volume on loudspeakers. We Indians don’t need much reason to make noise.

All days that is but one – the 1st of May. Known also as, May Day, all construction workers follow this holiday religiously and through sheer luck(and to my great relief!) it does’t coincide with any festival(which we are never short of). Perhaps the fact that it is also Maharashtra Day also has something to do with it.

May Day is the one day when I can sit at home and hear my thoughts. Reduced traffic on the streets make the odd drive out fun which is an added bonus. All in all, 1st of May is easily the holiday I look forward to most in Mumbai.

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