Seawoods Lake

Nestled between the fast developing concrete jungles of Nerul and Seawoods, is Seawoods Lake. Driving along Palm Beach road I’ve observed the lake develop from an ignored drain to beautifully landscaped patch of greenery in the last few years. Today I visited it. With a walking trail (almost) all around it, the lake makes for a beautiful evening walk – calm, breezy and peaceful.

IMG_0771 IMG_0773  IMG_0774


IMG_0777  IMG_0779

IMG_0780  IMG_0781


Over time, the number of people visiting the lake has been steadily increasing. Unfortunately it means there are points along the Palm Beach road, especially those with easy access to the lake water, which are slowly accumulating filth.



I wish people would treat public places with respect, as something everybody shares instead of a garbage dump.

In 2009 Seawoods Lake was a dumping ground. It had been saved and I hope it doesn’t go back to being one again.

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