Peek & Pop

Apple announced the iPhone 6S and 6S+ just a week back, on 9th September; a solid incremental update over the previous generation iPhones. Among all the features shown and demoed was 3D Touch, which is touted as the next big leap in multitouch technology.

3D touch brings two new ways to interact with elements on screen. Based on the videos on Apple’s website Peek/Pop seem to work in three scenarios:

  1. Within an app to preview nested content like in Mail,
  2. Across apps, where from within App1 you preview content in a small window of App2 and choose whether you want to switch over or not, and,
  3. On the Home screen as a sort of right-click on app icons to jump into specific views
In App Peek-Pop

In App Peek-Pop

Multitasking Peek-Pop

Multitasking Peek-Pop

Shortcuts Peek-Pop

Shortcuts Peek-Pop

All look great!

I’m most excited about the second use case – its a change in the multitasking paradigm in iOS, and not one that requires 3D Touch.

Consider the address in an email scenario. With 3D Touch, it works like this – you ‘press’ lightly on the address in the email and you Peek into a mini floating Maps window. Press harder on it and you Pop into Maps, coming out of the Mail app.

Without 3D Touch it would translate to – tap on the address in the email and you Peek into a mini floating Maps window. Tap on it again and you switch over to Maps. Slick. No more being hijacked from one app to the other because of a misplaced tap.

I hope iOS 10 (or will it be iOS X) brings this for all iPhones.

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