Save Seawoods Lake

In only about a month Seawoods Lake has taken a visible turn for the worse. 

Authorities are doing their bit by landscaping the walking path circling the lake – preparing sections of flower beds, laying out proper approaches to the path at different points, keeping the path clean, maintaining lampposts etc.

That it is the people for whom the lake is being developed for, are doing the all the harm is ironic and sad. 

Dumping garbage into the lake is rampant, so much so that the Nerul end of the lake is now a stinking cesspool, with floating garbage bags and the frothy slimy black waters that accompany refuse matter. Litter lines the walking path – picnickers don’t clean up their rubbish. Pristine tiles are coloured by spots of red – an open spittoon for the paan lovers. I guess everyone expects someone else to clean up after them. Sigh.

Look how beautiful the lake is!   

 The lake, like all places, desperately needs an increase in awareness, otherwise we stand to lose out on a wonderful little spot of nature in our concrete jungle.

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