White-tailed Deer

As we were driving out of Peace Valley park on a cold, cloudy morning we spotted a herd of White-tailed Deer on the opposite end of a gentle curve in the road. We immediately slowed down, while still driving toward them and pulled over. Unfortunately, they too spotted us and quickly ran off into the trees. As we drew up to them, the deer slowly inched furhter and further away from us deeper into the trees. I managed to get this shot of a deer looking straight at us while cradling my lens on my car door window.

D7200, Nikkor 200-500mm | 1/1000, f/5.6 @ ISO 5000

Although I like the photo, I see a lot of flaws in them. For one, the framing is too tight – I have a tendency always keep my lens fully extended at 500mm, which I must overcome. There is too much noise in the image, mostly because I kept the shutter speed at 1/1000 – an overkill for deer. Something like 1/400-1/500 would have worked just fine, helping bring the ISO down.

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