Tale of two photos

Every monsoon Kharghar, a scenic node in Navi Mumbai, becomes home to dozens of waterfalls. Most of these can be viewed along main roads, making even short drives a pleasure. We were hoping for such a scenic drive when heading out to Kharghar this weekend.

Sadly, the sight we actually saw was a bit different. Over the years Kharghar’s falls have only grown in popularity and in India it is mostly a bad thing…

What a chaotic mess!

Local municipal authorities are surely well aware of the popularity of this area during the rainy season (if not that is another failure in itself), but they haven’t yet thought of placing a single trash can to collect waste. Building stalls and renting them out to street side vendors to keep the place neat and also generate some money (to maintain the area, not pocket!) has also not crossed their mind.

Of course, the lack of civil responsibility on the part of the public needs to be called out too. Nevermind non-existent trash cans, surely people could abide by the simple rule to pack-out what they pack-in. It’s high time people stop expecting ‘someone’ to always clean up after them.

Traffic discipline is (and has always been) a bane across India. Due to the number of people essentially pulling over on a main road to take in the view, this section of the road is a bottleneck for regular thoroughfare. As is the norm, any traffic hotspot is accompanied by screeching and honking. So much for serenity!

Having pulled over, orderly parking seems too much to expect. Cars, bikes and pedestrians all on criss-crossing paths fight for inches of space.

Indifferent governance and indifferent public. I wish this place never became popular…

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