30 years of Pixar

30 years! I still enjoy their movies now as much as I did as a kid.

Pixar defined animation movies for me. I cant think of another studio that consistently produced one amazing movie after another. Starting with the landmark Toy Story in 1995, Pixar followed it up with classics like Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Wall-E and Up.

Even their shorts are gems.

Electric Highway

One of the first pics from my new baby, the Fujifilm X100S 🙂

Unfortunately, Lightroom doesn’t handle X100S RAW images very well – after conversion and some basic curve adjustments, it throws out a jpeg which looks like its been water-coloured on, theres a definite loss of quality in the details. So I’ll just have to stick to on-camera jpegs for the time being on this, which doesn’t seem too bad – the pic above is a jpeg straight from the camera with cropping and a bit of contrast added in Lightroom. It came out quite well.

Life Guard?

I opened one of my mailboxes after a long time. I usually use this one for sites which insist on a registration. This mail greeted me:Glassdoor

A life guard! Seriously??

Generally I don’t care for these mails but this one is such a laughably bad job suggestion, I had to put this up; they need to get better at this.


These last couple of days in Mumbai have been good, meteorologically speaking. We’ve been witness to a great display of mother natures fireworks – thunder storms. So, out I was on our terrace with my camera trying to capture a bolt of lightning in all its glory. No real technique – low shutter speeds, low aperture and a lot of patience!

This first shot is of a bolt pretty high up in the clouds, which couldn’t be directly seen but lit up the sky. I especially like the silhouetted buildings in the foreground.

This next one was taken at a different time when the sky was still aglow red because of the impending storm.

Pretty close! Look out for a sliver of lightning between the buildings, down at the bottom of the pic.

Finally, the coup de grace!

Rains in Chennai

This whole week the sun was out, without a cloud on the sky. So today morning when I woke up to heavy showers here in Chennai, I was surprised to say the least. Made for a quick photography session before I had to hit the road for office.

That last snap shows the effect rains have – look at all that fresh and clean green!

My new ride!

A brand new Volkswagen Vento!

On paper, its a significant step up from the old Esteem we used to zip around town in almost all departments – comfort, power, smoothness and drive. A quick spin around the block confirmed all of this. It will take me little while to get used to it though – it revs a lot higher than the Esteem, so gear changes were not optimal today.Also, the drivers seat is positioned quite differently in relation to the steering wheel(in its highest position, it is still a bit low), which means that each time I took a turn, the steering wheel brushed against my knee.

That is a minor quibble though. The engine is very quiet. Waiting for signals, with the engine idling I sometimes thought the car had turned off – its that quiet! The ride is amazingly smooth, mainly because the suspension is good enough to absorb most of the frequent jittery bumps you have on almost all roads in Mumbai.

This car is going to be my mate on road trips now.I cant wait to take it on a long drive over a weekend sometime soon!